3xs Design Studio
3xs Design Studio is dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of quality online digital and media systems.
software engineering
technical documentation
team management
unit testing
damage control
graphic design
user interface design
database management
server administration
business development
marketing media
advertising campagins


3xs Design Studio
"3xs Design Studio really stands out among the rest in terms of quality, price and communication."
Marco Kuipers, IT Manager, NCI.

Hi I'm Shane

I design, build and maintain performance web based systems.

The bigger the challenge the better!

Web Engineer with 26 years experience


Hi there I'm Shane, your competent Web Engineer here to help you solve your online problems. I've been designing and developing websites and online systems for over 26 years now. I love my work, love what I do, pride myself on my attention to detail and dedication to provide a quality product.

3xs Design Studio is the name I created long ago to brand my web and digital media development services. In high school I took my first paid job developing a website for a small business then have never looked back. I have been working in this industry ever since. Formally trained at the University of South Australia, I studied computer science and multimedia which has provided me with a firm foundation in both software programming and graphic design. Both of these discipline areas merge well with my natural skills and have proven to be a very attractive and advantageous skill-set for many employers and clients. These days my work mainly focuses on technical design/planning, software engineering and team management and I still use all the skills I have at my disposal regularly.

These core skills have allowed me to accelerate my career in web development and engineering and I now boast a large skill set rivalled by few. This incorporates a full range of disciplines required for the development and maintenance of online software/applications. From client proposals and requirements, application architecture design planning/documentation, database/server management, development, time management, team management, deployment, marketing, maintenance, etc the list goes on.

Many clients find this advantageous for the simple fact that I am capable of handling the work of many people, can work autonomously, with a high level of communication, putting clients at ease and producing quality results keeping expenses low. With the ability to handle large scale applications, I have yet been forwarded a request from anyone that I have not been able to fulfil.

I'm also a successful entrepreneur with excellent communication skills. This eliminates many of the gaps between clients/owners/managers and the IT expert needed to implement their vision. I am able to connect with clients, understand what they are looking for, and explain complicated concepts/details in a way that is relevant and easy to understand. This is especially helpful when dealing with people with little IT experience. I am also successful in devising ways to advise clients on important details that they may have overlooked or did not realise.

So whether you need a system built, online business advice, planning/documenting a new system, someone to lead a team or be a team player, with 26 years experience I have much to offer and am well aware of issues that you are most likely to encounter and how to deal with them. You're not just hiring an engineer, but a professional with experience in all of the subject matter involved in the planning, production and running of digital online systems and services.


Summary of services I can provide. Services are not limited to this list.

  • Web development
    • Object orientated programming
    • Front and back end development
    • User interfaces
    • Team leadership and/or part of a team
    • Test driven development
    • RESTful API development
    • User experience
    • Mobile website optimisation
    • Website to print media
    • SEO optimisation
    • Responsive and fluid design
    • Server and database setup and maintenance
  • Technical Documentation
    • Design specifications
    • Technical architecture
    • Technology assements
    • ULM documenting and designs
    • Wireframes
    • Time/cost predictions
    • Project planning
  • Graphic Design
    • Web design
    • User interface design
    • Logo design
    • Font / icon design
    • Business card, letter heads
    • Online and print media
    • Email signatures
    • Illustrations
    • Technical drawings/illustration
    • 3D design
  • Business services / advice
    • Targets and how to reach them
    • Online marketing
    • Online startup business advice
    • Launching online business
    • User online expectations/User flow charts


Experienced Technologies
  • PHP
  • Java Script
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile
  • Angular
  • VueJS
  • CSS
  • Flex
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MySQL/Postgre SQL
  • GIT
  • PHPUnit
  • Puppeteer
  • Grunt
  • NodeJS
  • SOAP
  • RESTful APIs
  • LAMP development/services
  • Host of various popular JS tools such as Fastclick, Respond, Typeahead, etc.
  • Flash Action Script


  • Slack
  • Github
  • Bit Bucket
  • Jira
  • CircleCI
  • AWS
  • Vagrant
  • Composer
  • VirtualBox
  • Netlify
  • Monday
  • Twilio
  • The Adobe Creative Suite

Have limited knowledge of

  • ASPX / ASP
  • AWS
  • Vbscript
  • Java/JSP
  • Ruby
  • Python
Experienced Frameworks
  • Nuxt.js
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • Symphony
  • Mandrill
  • Joomla
  • Zend
  • Pear
  • Zen Cart
  • Presta Cart
  • Bigcommerce
  • Magneto


Below includes examples of my work and web development. I have been involved in the production of hundreds of digital products in my career, so rather than list products where I was marginally involved in, I have included larger examples where I have played a major parts in the development (sometimes the sole developer). This is to give you an idea of the range of my personal abilities.

Slides have been created by merging screen shots together. These screen shots were taken when I developed the product. Websites and systems tend to change over time so the live versions may have been altered.




Favorote Eats Portal

Recipe Ninja

Zom Deck

Papolona Guru

Aussie Housemates

Who Adelaide

The Old Excahnge Hotel

Bio Guard

Kirra tours

Water Web

Funk Trunk


Abstract Management System


Rapid Induct

IDA Call


DPE Consulting

More examples

A list of business / sites I have been involved with in the past.

  • Neokyo
  • WebinarNinja
  • Urban Artist
  • Favorite Eats
  • Gaia Nutrition
  • Papolona.guru
  • Them
  • medallionhomes.com.au
  • ulaveo.com.au
  • lampsnow.com.au
  • Kangaroo Island Holidays
  • Goverment Skill Australia
  • Master Security Solutions
  • Steve Pitman Consulting
  • Perfect Lift
  • Austral Meats
  • artweb.com.au
  • rapidinduct.com.au
  • partymatters.com.au
  • rocciopals.com
  • ryt.org.au
  • Remax Plaza
  • Alida Art
  • archercollege.com
  • nci.com.au
  • cafeamore.com.au


G’day Shane. Thanks heaps for all your hard work for Koala – we want you to know that we really value you and appreciate all your efforts. We couldn’t do this without you and you’re an absolute pleasure to work with. 😊 Keep the great code coming.
Andrew Sladen Director, Engineering - Koala (thank you card)
I can attribute the growth of our business to some key hires that we have made in our business. Our lead developer Shane has shaped the direction of our software company, WebinarNinja, in a way that allows us to be world class.
Omar Zenhom CEO - WebinarNinja (advertisement for linkedin)
I have been working with Shane for a couple of years now. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He was extremely committed to the project and was always thinking ahead to spot an eventual problem. He also was able to tackle some very complex tasks by himself. Last important point that was he regularly improve the system by upgrading the current code. I would definitely hire again and highly recommend him.
Mathia Bosset CEO - Neokyo
I have never seen anybody fix bugs as quick as this guy. Amazing.
James Wright Angular Developer - WebinarNinja
Shane is not your average coder that you would expect. He won't write a single line of code before he fully grasps what you want to achieve which prevents time consuming iterations and costly re-writes of code!
Shane takes responsibility for what he does and will frequently outperform your expectations! His feedback and responsiveness is top-notch and communication is a breeze since he's a native english speaker!
Benjamin Wulff IT Manager - Gaia Nutrition
"I hired Shane at the point I was disillusioned with my existing developer. Shane inspired renewed confidence with his honesty and communicative consulting style. This contributed significantly to my very unique project. I have found him a trustworthy, conscientious and quick worker. He set my project back on the track and has restored my faith in the IT profession."
Mark Dolamore Director - Papolona.guru
"Excellent results, on time and on budget .. will be continuing working with Shane on other projects in the future."
Dallas Wood Director - The Web Factor
"His input to and interest in the undertaking was outstanding and many times beyond usual expectation and requirement."
Philip R Plevin Director - Plevin and Associates Pty Ltd
"He has excellent work ethics and performs all his tasks with diligence. Based on his outstanding performance, and high standard of work, we recommend him to any prospective employer."
Pari Pathak Operations Manager - Rapid Induct